Pro-Voter Reform

Making Elections More Accessible

American democracy is strongest when all eligible voters are able to participate. The Pro-Voter Reform strategy pursues a future where voting is easier and more accessible to all Americans, with a focus on those whose voting rights are most at risk: communities of color, students, voters with disabilities, non-english speakers, and military and overseas voters.

Local Capacity to Adopt Reforms and Defend Rights

Voting is a cornerstone of democracy, but confusing, cumbersome and rapidly changing election processes — as well as outright acts of voter suppression — deter citizens from exercising their right to vote.

Often, the voter registration process can be so difficult that many citizens miss out. In particular, communities of color, young people, elderly voters, and many others face disproportionate barriers to voting. Pro-voter reforms, like improvements to voter registration and early voting, can help to make the process more accessible.

  • The Pro-Voter Reform strategy helps states and local governments implement accessible voting options and helps communities defend voting rights where they are threatened. We collaborate with partners at the local and national level to:Promote appropriate federal elections guidance, including election funding and a strong Election Assistance Commission
  • Ensure the effective adoption of pro-voter reforms, such as same day voter registration, vote-by-mail, and improved language access
  • Build the capacity of grassroots voting rights groups to safeguard voting rights, particularly for historically disenfranchised communities and others who face significant barriers to voting
  • Litigate violations of voting rights and noncompliance with election law

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Trust in Elections

With a host of new challenges to election integrity — including cybersecurity threats and disinformation — the Trust in Elections strategy works to create more secure elections where more people are motivated to vote and everyone can trust that results are fair and accurate.

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