Creating an Open & Just Democracy

Democracy Fund works toward an open and just democracy that is resilient in the face of change and worthy of the American people’s trust. We support partners and ideas from across the political spectrum in pursuit of a vibrant and diverse public square, free and fair elections, effective and accountable government, and a just and inclusive society. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

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    Listening to Our Grantees: Lessons from Our Third Grantee Perception Survey

    July 16, 2024
    Last year, Democracy Fund partnered with the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) to conduct our third Grantee Perception Report. This work builds on previous surveys from 2014 and 2017. We felt it was crucial to hear from our grantee partners last year as we launched refreshed program strategies as part of our new five-year organizational […]
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    Democracy Fund Statement on Shooting at Former President Trump’s Rally

    July 13, 2024
    Our thoughts go out to former President Trump and all who were impacted by this horrific act of violence today. We are devastated at the loss of life and injuries and the trauma this event caused. We condemn political violence in any form.
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    Pushed and Pulled: How Attitudes About Race and Immigration are Settling and Shifting After Trump

    June 25, 2024
    Created by eBay founder and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar, Democracy Fund is an independent and nonpartisan foundation that confronts deep-rooted challenges in American democracy while defending against new threats.
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    A Call for the Pro-Democracy Field to Prepare for Gray Rhinos

    June 6, 2024
    Admitting that you’re planning for the worst-case scenario when it comes to democracy can be tough. It takes courage not to brush aside threats of violence. It is hard to acknowledge that our political systems might fail or that forces are actively working to undermine our election system. As Democracy Fund’s new paper, On Black […]
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    Democracy Fund Invests $23 Million to Ensure Our Elections Are Free, Fair, and Representative

    May 29, 2024
    Philanthropy’s typical “wait and see” approach has proven to be too little, too late for fast-moving election cycles. With primary elections underway, the pro-democracy organizations working to protect free, fair and representative elections need support now to prepare and execute planned strategies. In February, Democracy Fund worked with dozens of other philanthropies to launch the […]
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    On Black Swans, Gray Rhinos, and the 2024 Election

    May 15, 2024
    Introduction The 2020 presidential election happened amid a pandemic and racial justice protests, and it was followed by an insurrection. What can we expect in 2024? Political observers, journalists, and others have begun raising questions about how different events could unleash uncertainty into the election year. Here are some of the things they’re thinking about: […]

What We Do

Democracy Fund champions the leaders and organizations who defend democracy and challenge our political system to be more open and just. We play many roles in service of the field of democracy reform, but first and foremost we are a funder, a philanthropic advisor, and an advocate.

Building an Open and Just Democracy

Building an Open and Just Democracy

Our democracy is a complex, imperfect system — a continual work in progress. While our political system has proven resilient over time, it has never fully served the needs of all Americans. We must challenge it to be better.

A more open and just democracy will protect the dignity and rights of all people, hold power accountable, and ensure everyone has a say in shaping America’s future.

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