Just and Inclusive Society

Achieving a Welcoming, Multiracial Democracy

In the coming years, significant demographic shifts within the United States will likely spark more attacks on marginalized communities. Migrant and refugee communities have the right to an inclusive society, and they deserve to use their power to lead an intersectional social movement to protect this right.

Movements Guided by Migrants and Refugees

There are many threats facing our country and world. Rising sea levels, skyrocketing temperatures, catastrophic weather events, expanding political crises, and ongoing racist attacks are all intertwined, and the growth of one often causes the growth of the others.

As a result, people in the United States and abroad — especially communities of color — are forced to relocate. Population shifts driven by climate and political crises will only increase, and the time to prepare is now. Throughout this global migration, Democracy Fund believes that strengthening and expanding the movement led by leaders of color for an inclusive, multiracial democracy will create space for migrant and refugee communities to thrive.

Our Approach

Just and Inclusive Society strategies seek to create the conditions for migrant and refugee communities to build and lead a social movement that addresses global threats.

Power Building in Marginalized Communities

White nationalism — and the impact it has on migrants’ and refugees’ lives — remains one of the greatest threats to our democracy. To address this, we elevate intersectional movements led by refugees, migrants, and Black and brown communities.

We invest in organizations and leaders to:

  • Elevate stories and shift narratives around migration and refugeehood
  • Build a shared strategy and solidarity across movements, communities, and geographies
  • Build power in marginalized migrant and refugee communities
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Our Team

Shuya Ohno

Director, Just and Inclusive Society

Omayma El Ella

Senior Program Associate, Just and Inclusive Society

Nora Hakizimana

Program Associate, Just and Inclusive Society

Jeff Morshed

Program Strategy and Learning Manager, Just and Inclusive Society

Isabella Oliver

Team Coordinator, Just and Inclusive Society

Other Areas of Focus

Democracy Fund strengthens and defends democracy through four core programs.

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Elections and Voting

Since its founding, the American voting system has intentionally made it difficult for marginalized communities to equitably participate. The Elections and Voting program works with community organizations and leaders to build a voting system that is fair, trustworthy, and inclusive, with racial justice at the center.

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American democracy depends on a government that represents the interests of the people in all of our diversity — one that is prepared to act on our behalf and that is held accountable when it does not. However, extreme polarization limits our ability to achieve shared priorities. Partisan politics and significant institutional decline have led to government dysfunction and gridlock. Our Governance program promotes the principled leadership and strong institutions our governing system needs to act in the interests of the American people.

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Public Square

Reliable information is getting harder to find, leading to less informed voters and greater threats to democracy. To increase civic participation, the Public Square program invests in those who work to ensure communities have access to the information they need, online and offline.

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