Looking Forward to the Future of Democracy

April 22, 2021

The volatility of current events makes one thing clear: Our democracy is vulnerable to disruptions many haven’t even imagined. While we cannot predict the future, we can practice futuring — the creative discipline of tuning into the signals, imagining what’s possible, and choosing paths that lead us toward hope.

In fall 2020, Democracy Fund collaborated with Dot Connector Studio and a diverse group of thinkers on a futuring project called Democracy TBD. Together with our collaborators, we considered how the pandemic, racial unrest, political division, and other concerns might spark a cycle of disruption and reorganization for our democracy. We surfaced key themes — like ongoing political polarization — and identified the potential implications for our democracy.

American democracy was born out of an experimental mindset and radical imaginings; we believe these are still needed for it to survive. For Democracy Fund, this is only the beginning of our futuring venture.

Democracy TBD report

In a report on Democracy TBD, Dot Connector Studio documents our first venture into futuring. While this report does not aim to reach conclusions, it offers rich starting points for further inquiry and resources for others who want to try futuring. 

Why futuring?

Learn more about the futuring process and what it means to us in this October 2020 blog post by Liz Ruedy and Jessica Clark.

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