Mobilizing DAF Funds to Strengthen Democracy – Amalgamated Charitable Foundation and Democracy Fund Join Forces for #HalfMyDAF Campaign

April 11, 2024

The momentum from All by April has been nothing short of inspiring. In a year filled with uncertainties and challenges, the commitment to accelerate funding to support free, fair, and representative elections has resonated with many of us.

Now, as we look to build upon that momentum, we are excited to announce a new partnership that takes our collective efforts further: Amalgamated Charitable Foundation and Democracy Fund are collaborating on the #HalfMyDAF campaign, creating a new matching pool that matches donations up to $10,000 to pro-democracy organizations.

#HalfMyDAF helps individuals increase the impact of their Donor Advised Fund (DAF) contributions to nonprofits that matter deeply to them. By encouraging donors to distribute at least half of their DAF accounts, #HalfMyDAF has the potential to unlock significant new investments for critical causes across the United States.

Created by Jen and David Risher in 2020 to help unlock the $234 billion that sits in donor advised funds in the United States, #HalfMyDAF has mobilized more than $33 million to date.

Together, Amalgamated and Democracy Fund are seeding the new Strengthening Democracy Matching Pool with initial contributions of $50,000 each and a goal to raise $500,000 by the end of April. Supporters have already committed more than $350,000 towards the matching fund. This fund will incentivize donors to contribute to nonpartisan 501(c)(3) election-related work by the end of June — ensuring that vital resources reach the organizations on the front lines of our democracy.

This partnership represents another opportunity to move money early and continue the momentum of All by April. By harnessing the energy and enthusiasm generated by the campaign, we are doubling down on our commitment to expedite funding and support the organizations that safeguard our democratic process.

We invite the philanthropic community to join us in supporting this campaign. Whether through direct contributions or by spreading the word to your networks, every action counts. Together, we can continue moving critical funding to nonpartisan pro-democracy organizations when they need it most.

We are grateful to #HalfMyDAF, Amalgamated Charitable Foundation, and our philanthropic peers who have joined us in supporting this new matching pool. Let’s keep the momentum going – together, we can continue to drive positive change and strengthen the foundation of our democracy.

If you have any questions or want to join the matching pool, please contact us at








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