Resilient Elections

Rebuilding Voters’ Trust

To increase public support for our election process, we need an election system that functions effectively and equitably. A thriving democracy requires election administrators who are well-funded, well-trained, prepared to serve a diverse community of voters, and prevent election interference.

Strengthening Election Infrastructure

Election administrators are the last line of defense against abuse of power in our government. However, election administration remains underfunded, and inadequate staffing of election offices makes our election system more vulnerable to inequity and abuse. Efforts to sabotage election outcomes must be addressed.

By investing in election infrastructure, we aim to support election administrators in their important roles as they work to put a stop to election interference.

The Resilient Elections Initiative invests in:

  • The funding and staffing of election administration, centering voters who have been historically underrepresented
  • Preventing election deniers from undermining election results

Staff Working On Resilient Elections

Janet Hernández

Associate Director, Elections and Voting

Ben Chang

Senior Program Associate, Elections and Voting

Ebony West

Senior Program Associate, Elections and Voting

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Elections and Voting strategies promote an election system that consistently produces trusted results, fairly represents the majority of voters, and makes equitable participation possible.

Voting Power

Historically, our voting system has historically oppressed people with marginalized identities to participate. We work to advance an election system that centers the voices of voters who experience discrimination.

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