Preventing Authoritarian Abuse of Power

Investing in Strategic Resources

Authoritarian threats and abuses of government power are harmful and all too frequent due to intentional flaws in government institutions that allow for corruption. Examples include the use of government power to separate families at the border, the coordinated insurrection on January 6th, 2021, and the Supreme Court’s ethical violations and disregard for precedent. We need to sustain and strengthen our approach to holding government leaders accountable.

Building Guardrails to Defend Our Democracy

When government officials avoid accountability, they are emboldened to repeat abuses, disregard long-standing governing norms and use their official powers to advance personal or political prerogatives. Over time, this dynamic erodes the rule of law and the public’s trust in government.

By addressing the underlying issues that allow abuses of power to manifest, we can increase confidence and participation in our democracy.

The Preventing Authoritarian Abuse of Power Initiative invests in organizations that are:

  • Working with Congress and through the courts to create robust guardrails against abuse
  • Building more resilient federal institution​s that can withstand future efforts to politicize their work
  • Holding people who have engaged in unethical or illegal conduct accountable

Our Team

Winny Chen

Associate Director, Governance

Anne Morley

Senior Program Associate, Governance

Sean Raymond

Senior Program Associate, Governance

Safa Syed

Program Associate, Governance

Nathaniel J. Turner

Program Manager, Governance

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Governance strategies seek to strengthen our democratic system to respond to abuse and prevent future political violence.

State and Local Accountability

State and local government abuses of power disproportionately impact communities of color and other historically disenfranchised groups. We invest in organizers, advocates, and networks focused on these abuses and who have long been under-resourced in their fight for accountability.

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