State and Local Accountability

Halting the Spread of Authoritarianism

The authoritarian style of government used to weaken our federal institutions is being modeled in towns, cities, and states across the country. These abuses are connected, creating a stronger swell of antidemocratic actions and advancing harmful policies that often target communities of color or other historically disenfranchised groups.

To effectively respond, we need interventions across all levels and branches of government, and between government and communities. This includes providing more sustainable resources for those organizing and working on the ground, whose efforts are often underfunded.

Creating Connections

By providing groups working at the state, local, and federal levels resources to build partnerships and share knowledge, they can more effectively coordinate to defend their communities and respond to abuses of power. We know that local leaders and organizations are best positioned to identify what matters most to their communities, and a stronger network will support them in identifying tools and tactics to fit their needs.

The State and Local Accountability Initiative invests in:

  • State and local groups responding to authoritarian abuses of power, particularly groups addressing priority issues for communities of color or other historically disenfranchised groups
  • Building partnerships and connections between accountability groups working at the state and local level with federal accountability groups

Our Team

Winny Chen

Associate Director, Governance

Anne Morley

Senior Program Associate, Governance

Sean Raymond

Senior Program Associate, Governance

Safa Syed

Program Associate, Governance

Nathaniel J. Turner

Program Manager, Governance

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Governance strategies seek to strengthen our democratic system to respond to abuse and prevent future political violence.

Preventing Authoritarian Abuse of Power

To protect our democracy from authoritarian threats, we work to strengthen legal guardrails, build more resilient institutions, and bolster accountability measures to prevent future abuses.


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